To be recognized as an elite and very friendly personal care home known for having the utmost respect for our precious residents, while providing safe and compassionate care in a relaxed home environment, as well as encouraging continued family support and involvement.


At K&W's Care Homes our mission is to ensure the residents are all treated with dignity and respect regardless of age, sex, race or religion. We will deliver exceptional care to each resident by empowering them to maintain the best optimal health possible, maintaining their independence, encourage participation in all activities while living a normal life in a safe and secure home environment.


Our Values

Contribute and provide quality care and support to our residents daily
Assess, monitor and manage our resident’s needs and maintain trained, professional and passionate staff
Respect each resident as a unique individual and treat them with dignity and provide quality care
Encourage each resident to be as independent as possible with the support and service of our staff

About Us

K&W's Care Home is a caring and loving residential home. We provide services to adults ages 50 and older. We provide 24 hour monitoring, care, and oversight of our residents. Our staff will address the needs of our Residents by providing a peaceful setting, meals, and social activities in a non-medical and loving environment. We ensure our residents are placed appropriately by collaborating and partnering with their doctor(s), family members, case managers, staff, and other professionals and supporters to help ensure our Residents are offered the best opportunity to thrive so they will maintain optimal health and live a quality fulfilled life.